2022 City Club ANNUAL REPORT


When we look back at the City Club’s last year that started with our return to welcoming limited in-person audiences and included the revival of our long-standing partnership with City Hall to convene the State of the City, we are reminded how beautiful it truly is to hear your voice. From the onset of the pandemic until the summer of 2021, every audience Q&A was mediated through a forum host. But this last year, we could hear you once more.

Your voice drove three televised mayoral debates, shaping the course of the campaign and building an agenda and a mandate for Mayor Bibb.   

Your voice was there in the audience question posed to former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, a question that inspired Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman to stand up from his seat in the audience and clarify the future demise of a certain unpopular legislative proposal.

Your voice was there when U.S. Senator Rob Portman recorded the entire room responding to his call “Slava Ukraini! Heroyam slava!” we all called back, glory to the heroes.  

And the voices of our speakers rang clearly, too. At our very first in-person forum, on Public Square, Mark Joseph called on us to imagine what a truly anti-racist city would look and feel like. At our State of the Schools, CMSD CEO Eric Gordon spoke to the return to in-person learning. Looking back and looking ahead, philanthropic leaders Dave Abbott and Tim Tramble both shared their perspective on the work to be done throughout our community. In speaking about the rise of anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia, American Jewish Committee CEO David Harris reminded us that “the only way to win is to stand shoulder to shoulder.” And Marla Pérez-Davis gave voice to both her own journey and NASA’s.  

Our City Club is what it is because of your voice and the voices of all those neighbors, emerging leaders, advocates, and thinkers who ask questions and shape the dialogue. Together with our speakers, donors, members, partners, and students, it’s a chorus, sometimes harmonious, sometimes joyful, sometimes discordant—and when we listen, what we hear is our community. 

Thank you, friends, for adding your voice. 

Dan Moulthrop
Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Baird Adams
Board President



The City Club of Cleveland is one of the nation’s great free speech forums. And it is our program format that makes us unique. Speakers from around the community, the nation, and the world come to the City Club to share their expertise and engage with City Club members and friends in civil, civic dialogue. City Club forums range in topics from pioneers in baseball to NASA’s plans to head back to the moon.

Arts & Culture

“The most lonely character is Larry Doby, who for the first year in Cleveland is the only Black player on the team and he is shunted off into segregated accommodations.”
– Luke Epplin, Author of Our Team: The Epic Story of Four Men and the World Series

See more Arts & Culture forums
Authors in Conversation

“Our criminal justice system is a sink. It’s leaking, leaking bad and we keep trying to change the faucet. We’ve even got shiny faucets, but it keeps leaking because we just don’t want to do what we need to do and that’s tear up the floor and fix the pipes.”
– Jarrett Adams, Attorney, Advocate, and Author of Redeeming Justice: From Defendant to Defender, My Fight for Equity on Both Sides of a Broken System

See more Authors in Conversation forums
Business & Economy

“We need policies based on science and physics not faith.”
– Robert M. Blue, Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Energy

See more Business & Economy forums

“Trust is the foundation for the depth of relationship that is necessary to achieve difficult things, to overcome adversity, and to build the capacity in the brain of the young people we seek to develop.”
– Habeebah R. Grimes, CEO Positive Education Program, speaking on our first hybrid forum panel

See more Education forums
Elections & Debates

“If you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat some of the bad things from that history.”
– Senator Sandra Williams, one of seven candidates running for Mayor of Cleveland in 2021

See more Elections & Debates forums
Environment & Sustainability

“Our administration seeks to delist all Great Lakes Areas of (environmental) Concern by 2030.”
– Michael Regan, United States Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

See more Environment & Sustainability forums
Health Equity

“There is room for all of us, and there is power in numbers.”
– LaTonya Goldsby, President of Black Lives Matter Cleveland

See more Health Equity forums

“There are no obstacles to collaboration when it comes to common good.”
– Tom Mihaljevic, M.D. President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic

See more Healthcare forums
Local Heroes

“There is joy in democracy and so much to celebrate despite what the data might say.”
– Erika Anthony, Executive Director of Cleveland VOTES

See more Local Heroes forums
Local Matters

“We have the information, we have the voices — it’s about integration and implementation.”
– Joyce Pan Huang, Director of City Planning of the City of Cleveland

See more Local Matters forums
Politics & Policy

“We are back in the national conversation as a city on the rise.”
– Mayor Justin Bibb

See more Politics & Policy forums
Science, Technology, and Innovation

“When you have to go to the moon, you have to go through Cleveland.”
– Dr. Marla E. Pérez-Davis, Director of National Aeronautics and Space Administration at John H. Glenn Research Center

See more Science, Technology, and Innovation forums
Social Justice

“Anti-Semitism should be our collective problem, just like racism and xenophobia and homophobia are our collective problems. The only way to win is to stand shoulder to shoulder.”
– David Harris, Chief Executive Officer of the American Jewish Committee

See more Social Justice forums
World Affairs

“We see the worst of Russia in terms of this attack, but we see the best of Cleveland in terms of the response from the community.”
– Senator Rob Portman

See more World Affairs forums

“It’s not always ‘stranger danger’, and most often, it is the opposite of that, it is someone you know.”
– Sylvia Colon, Co-Founder of the Cleveland Family Center for Missing Children and Adults

See more Youth forums



When students attend a City Club forum, they have the same opportunity as the adults in the room to use their voice and ask questions of our speakers. But student engagement extends beyond their role as audience members. Students from across Northeast Ohio can apply to serve on our Youth Forum Council, which works with City Club staff to program entire forums from start to finish, centered on issues most important to them and their peers.

Students Attendance
Student attendance at the City Club helps cultivate civic engagement and participation is absolutely free. When students come with their teachers to a forum, they have the opportunity to see civic dialogue in action and to use their voice to ask questions of our speakers. Not to mention, they get a great meal and often get to meet the speakers after the forum.

Learn how to bring students to the City Club.
Youth Forum Council
When students join the Youth Forum Council, they find a special opportunity to work with engaged students from across the region to collaboratively plan and execute forums from start to finish, centered on issues most important to them and their peers. Through working directly with production professionals, they strengthen team planning, production, marketing, event management, scripting, public speaking, and other critical skills.

Join the Youth Forum Council (or share with a student in your life).
High School Debate Championship
We are honored to host the annual high school debate championship at the City Club and to have served as a home for student debate for decades. This past year Jeremy Battle from University School and Ella Jewell from Kenston High School faced off in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate on the following topic: In a democracy, a free press ought to prioritize objectivity over advocacy.

Watch the debate for yourself.
Free Speech Essay Contest
Since 2013, The Hope and Stanley Adelstein Free Speech Essay Contest challenges high school students to examine the role of free speech in the 21st century. The top three winners of each age group receive scholarship prize money. This year’s essays about critical race theory were judged by 25 community volunteers who helped pick our winners.

Read the winning essays.
Students Who Attended City Club Forums
YouTube Viewers Ages 13-17
Essay Contest Entries



The City Club was founded in 1912 when 78 individuals bought shares for $10 and became our first members. 110 years later, more than 900 individuals call themselves City Club members. Our members live across the nation, and some across the globe, and we are grateful for their support of civil, civic dialogue. They ask questions of our speakers, serve on programming committees, invite friends to learn more about our work, and their financial support keeps us strong.

New Members

Thanks to these individuals who decided to become champions of free speech and join the City Club as members this past year.

Philanthropy Circle Members

Philanthropy Circle Members give at least $1,000 annually through their membership.

Longtime Members

For more than three decades, the individuals listed below served as the foundation of the City Club. Some have even been members for more than 50 years.

Meet Our New Members

Christa Jo Abood

John Ambrose

Denise Andres

Rawle Andrews Jr

Jenn Angelo

Megan Baechle 

Heidi Barham

John Barnes

Hugo Barragan

Susie Barragate

Kelleigh Beatty

Alexa Beegun

John Bekeny

Mercedes Bell

Justin Bellian

Brendan Bennett

Jeff Berger

Margaret Bernstein

Joseph Bianchini

Shana Black

Louise Blair

George Blake

Jon and Laura Bloomberg

Joseph Bonacci

Jody Bonhard

Alexandria Boone

Jay Bowler

Marcella Boyd Cox

Tiarra Braddock 

Michelle Broome

Kim Brown

Leslie Buck

Eral Burks

Nicole Calabrese

Alison Calhoun

Daniel Campbell

Scott Carlson

Alexis Castel

LaRaun Clayton

Dick Clough

Nichole Collins

Alfred Cowger

Jeffrey Cristal

Dan Cuffaro

David Cupar

Andy Curlowe 

Andre Dailey

Rebecca Dangler

Susan De Luca

Kate Deegan

Patrick Delaney

Steve Dettelbach

Anna Dey

Cynthia Dillon

Joseph Dolan

Kathleen Dolan

Debra Donaldson

Heather Dougherty

Carl Drotleff

Marilyn Dubasak

Andy Eckel

James Estep

Sydney Evans

Nicholas Fink

Bradley Fink

Anne Flamm

Tamara Flowers 

Karen Freedman

David Fulton

Alexander Garett

Christopher Garr

Barbara Gartland

Susan Gavazzi

Amber Gibbs

Pamela Gill

Richarda Glass

Jackie Godic

Peter Granson

Robert Gray

Jeremiah Guappone

Halldor Gudmundsson

Amar Gupta

Donn Heckelmoser

Gary Hemphill

Ashley Hendricks

Robyn Herr

Elizabeth Honold

Jeffrey Hooper

Monica Houston

Karrie Howard

Jeff Isaacs

Jennifer Jaketic

Diane Jenks

Nicholas Jennette

Sophia Johnson

Devon Jones

Judge Wanda Jones

David Jurca

Betsey Kaufman

Karen Kea

Danny Kelly

Roseanna Keough

Katie Kimble

Ali King

Ariane Kirkpatrick

Elizabeth Kish

Owen Knapp

Jennifer Knetig

Seymour Kopelowitz

Wendy Kulick

Charmin Leon

Miranda Leppla

Megan Lowes-Bolin

Jonathan Lusin

Hrishue Mahalaha

Hosanna Mahaley

Larissa Malcolm

Delores McCollum

Julie McCormick

MaryTherese McGinty

Thomas McGinty

Douglas McWilliams

Ervis Mellani 

Caitie Milcinovic

Teena Mitchell 

Dr. Marilyn Mobley

Theodora Monegan

Tiana Moore

Josephine Moore

Laura Mottor

Karen Murphy

Randy Newell

Christopher Noble

William O’Gorman

Philip Oliss

Richard Ortmeyer

Cornelius O’Sullivan

John Paganini

Sally Parker

Edward Patton

Greg Peckham

Vilmarie Perez

Sarah Perkins

Michael Peters

Bo Pettegrew

Adam Philipp

Joslin Phillibert

Tony Pietrocola

Abigail Poeske

Marlon Primes

Elizabeth Rader

Jameel L Radford

Wanda Rembert Arnold

John Richard

Robin Richmond

Kevin Roberts

Anne Rogerson

Tim Ross

Laura Rushton

Natalie Saikaly

Ryan Schmelz 

Richard Schultz

Michael Sering

Maria Sharp

Khrystalynn Shefton

Cathryn Siegal-Bergman

Scott Skinner

Monique Smith

Karen Snyder

Andrew Somich

Lee-Ann Spacek

Diane Stack

Sally Staley

Linda Striefsky

Aarushi Suneja

Kathryn Taylor

Chris Thompson

Dyan Tirbaso

Maria Tofalo 

Darryle Torbert

Donald Truex

Fannie Turner (Williams)

Pam Turos

John Tynan

Marty Uhle

Rachel Uram

Joseph Vicario

Peter Voinovich

Harriet Wadsworth

Gabriela Waechter

Chitra Walker

April Walker

Michele Warner

Andrew Watterson

Edward Weber

Ellen Weber

Logan Weiland 

Bridget Williams

Dameyonna Willis

Dharma Wilson 

Kerri Yarbrough

Robert K Yund

Dan Yurman

Cary Zimmerman

Joan Zoltanski

Barbara Zoss

Meet Our Philanthropy Circle Members

Kristen Baird Adams

Thomas Adler

Raj Aggarwal

Karen Allport

Artis Arnold

Jon & Laura Bloomberg

April Miller Boise

Dwight Bowden

Terry  Brennan

James Carulas

Louis Chaiten

Joanne Clark

Kevin Clayton

Robert Conrad

Anita Cook

Susan & Michael Cristal

Jeffrey Cristal

Barbara Danforth

Steve Dettelbach

Robert Falls

Judi Feniger

Chann Fowler

Char & Chuck Fowler

Eduardo Gonzalez

Megan Granson

Alexandra Hanna

Paul Harris

William Hughes

Sharon Jordan

David Kall

Ariane Kirkpatrick

Robert Littman

Shana Marbury

Rob Martens

John McGuire

Hugh McKay

Rebecca Morgan 

Dan Moulthrop

Augie Napoli

Robert O’Brien

William Pavilonis

Daniel Pedrotty

Richard Pogue

Lindsay Radisek

Kaye Ridolfi

Barbara Robinson

Mark Ross

Alan Rosskamm

Shelly Saltzman

Alex Schmitt

Hewitt Shaw

Kim Sherwin

Patricia Shlonsky

Fareed Siddiq

Robyn Minter  Smyers

Laura & Charlie Stack

Michael Trebilcock

Alan Unger

Molly Walsh

Douglas Wang

Cheryl & Meredith Weinstein

Jeff & Lisa Weiss

Morris Wheeler

Sheila Wright

Dan Zelman

Jill & Jeff Zimon

Meet Our Longtime Members

David Abbott 

Bruce H. Akers

Keith A. Ashmus

P. Thomas Austin

Fran Belkin

Charles Bolton

Dwight Bowden

Mary O. and John J. III Boyle

William Burges

Leonard Calabrese

Ruth Anna Carlson

James Carulas

Thomas Chema

Robert Conrad

Anthony Coyne

Henry Doll

Dennis Dooley

Dorothy Faller

Edward Feighan 

Scott Finerman

Merle Frankel

Stuart Friedman

Avery Friedman

Rebecca M Gerson

Nina Gibans

Joyce Goldstein

Bernard Goodman

Nancy Hammond

Thomas Harmon

Richard Hollington Jr. 

Carole Hoover

Robert Jeffreys

Milton Katz

Morton Levin

P.J. Lucier

Robert Lustig 

Leonard Lybarger

Alex Machaskee

Gerald Meyer

Kenneth Moore

Lana Moresky

Bert W. Moyar

William Olah

Daniel Pavsek

Richard W.  Pogue

Linn Raney

Kathy Retz

Johnathan Rosskopf

Meredith Seikel

Roberta Steinbacher

Thomas E. Stratton-Crooke

Frederick I. Taft

Frederick A.  Vierow

Jeffry Weiler

Lucile Weingartner

Robert Weltman

Don Wirtz

Thomas T.K. Zung

Total Members
Giving Tuesday New Members
Member Volunteers



Special thanks to all of our donors who supported our work this past year. In addition to the generous individuals who contributed to our annual fund and other projects, we received more than $1 million in sponsorship and grant support from companies and foundations throughout our community. We are grateful for every financial contribution that together helped us serve our community, balance our budget, and  strive to fulfill our mission.



Char & Chuck Fowler

The George Gund Foundation

Dick & Pat Pogue

The Siddiq Family

$100,000 - $249,999

Anita & Tom Cook

Sally & Bob Gries

Paul & Michelle Harris

Nordson Corporation Foundation

Tecovas Foundation

Thompson Hine LLP

Margaret W. Wong & Associates

$50,000 - $99,999

50 Black Women Fund

Advance Ohio

Bank of America

The George W. Codrington Foundation

Cohen Community Foundation

Community West Foundation

Charlie & Grosvie Cooley

Richard Hollington, Jr.


PNC Bank

Barbara S. Robinson

Saint Luke’s Foundation

Robyn Minter Smyers

$20,000 - $49,999



Ellen Botnick

Louis A. Chaiten

The Char & Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

Cleveland Foundation

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture


Judi Feniger

Areli & Michael Jeans

Kelvin & Eleanor Smith Foundation

Longview Foundation

John J. McGuire & Elisha A. Dumser

Stephen McHale

The MetroHealth System

Rebecca A. Morgan & James Juknialis

John P. Murphy Foundation

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Albert B. & Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation

The William M. Weiss Foundation

Jill & Jeffrey Zimon & Family

$10,000 - $19,999

Kristen Baird Adams


Assembly for the Arts


Bridget & Terry Brennan

Case Western Reserve University

Citizens Bank

Deaconess Foundation

Paul & Karen Dolan

Dominion Energy

Carole F. Hoover

Huntington Bank

David Kall

Robert & Leslie Littman

Hugh & Sue McKay

Randell McShepard

Medical Mutual

Dorris C. Michalske Trust

August Napoli & Joan Katz Napoli

Kaye & Phil Ridolfi

Jan Roller & David Abbott

Mark D. Ross

Patricia Shlonsky & Steven Hinkle

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

Sisters of Charity Health System

Robert C. Smith

Unger Family Foundation


Molly Walsh

Kittie Warshawsky & Tim Tibbitts

Woodruff Foundation


$5,000 - $9,999



Greater Cleveland Partnership

Kerry Gubics

Mark Jones

Jones Day

Sharon Sobol Jordan & Dave Wallace

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Ohio Aerospace Institute

RPM International

Shelly Saltzman

The Taft Family

Michelle Tomallo

Ulmer & Berne LLP

United Way of Greater Cleveland

$2,500 - $4,999

Karen & William Allport


Benesh Law

Jon & Laura Bloomberg

The Center for Community Solutions

Anthony Coyne

Jeffrey Cristal

Susan & Michael Cristal

Cuyahoga Community College

Tom Embrescia

Fifth Third Bank

Alexandra Hanna

Ariane Kirkpatrick

Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Foundation


The Laub Foundation

Mansour Gavin LPA


Metropolitan at the 9

George Misencik Living Trust

Ohio Business Machines

William Pavilonis

Plante Moran

Porter Wright

Ratliffe & Taylor

Kim Sherwin

Squire Patton Boggs

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA

Morris Wheeler

$1,000 - $2,499

Thomas Adler

AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland

American Red Cross

Fran Belkin

Benjamin Rose Institute On Aging

Dwight Bowden

Building Laborers’ Union Local 310

James Carulas

CHN Housing Partners

Joanne Clark

Cleveland Leadership Center

Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Association

Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Transformation Alliance

Cleveland Votes

Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority

Council on International Programs

Cuyahoga County Public Library

CWRU Social Justice Institute

Barbara J. Danforth

Destination Cleveland

Steve Dettlebach

Steven Dieringer

Frank Dixon

Henry Doll

Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Scott Finerman

Andrew & Judith Finger

First Energy

John B. Gest Jr. & Michelle deBock

Michael Gibbons

Eduardo Gonzalez

Megan Granson

Greater Akron Chamber

Greater Cleveland Schools Superintendents’ Association

Pat Hanavan

Ralph Hayes

David & Nancy Hooker

Christopher Hitchcock

Paulette Hervi Hughes & William D. Hughes


Scott & Kelly Jasko

J. Michael Kolk

Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

Links Incorporated

The Edward A. & Catherine L. Lozick Foundation

Charles Maimbourg

Mary Coit Sanford Memorial Fund

Rob Martens

Joel Marx

John McCaffrey

Reed & Kristine McGivney

Patricia Mintz

Amy Morgenstern

Dan Moulthrop

Robert O’ Brien

Open Doors Academy

Daniel Pedrotty

Policy Matters Ohio

Positive Education Program

Alan Rosskamm

Elisa and Salvatore Russo

Hewitt B. Shaw

Sherwin Williams

Mark & Cathy Shikowski

Team NEO

Teamsters Local Union 407

Towards Employment

Michael Trebilcock

United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland

University Hospitals

Visible Voice Charitable Fund

Walter Haverfield

Douglas Wang

Lee Weingart

Cheryl & Meredith Weinstein

Peter Whitehouse

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Dan Zelman

$500 - $999

Christa Jo Abood

Jonathon Adler

Keith Ashmus

Eric Baumgartner

Fran Belkin

Jeanette G. Brown

Kim Brown

Eileen Burkhart

Eral Burks

Joan Campbell

Ruth Anna Carlson

Joseph Cimperman

Alfred Cowger

Michael Dingeldein

Dennis Dooley

Jason Drake

Karen Freedman

David Goodman

Robert Heath

Donnald Heckelmoser

Meryl Johnson

Sanjiv Kapur

Morton Levin

Charles Maimbourg

Eileen McKeon

Patrica Mintz

Mai Moore

Jewel Moulthrop

Michelle Mulhern

Randall Myeroff

Steven Nissen

Greg Nosan

Bill Nottingham

Thomas O’Hare

Marlon Primes

Linn Raney

Julie Raskind

Noel Salwan

Celia Sinclair

Nigamanth Sridhar

Cynthia Tancer

Ed Vadakin

Mary Warren

Zach Wemple

Nancy Wolpe

Kirk Zehnder

Ann Zoller


The City Club ended fiscal year 2022 strong, with a change in net assets of $334,000. Total operating expenses were $1,768,000. We returned to in-person forums beginning with reduced capacity and now operating at full capacity growing back our earned revenues from ticket and table sales. We also received record contributed support from sponsorships and grants totaling over $1 million.

Total Revenue: $ 2,102,543

Total Expenses: $ 1,768,153



From the individuals who serve on our board of directors, to the community partners who uplift our conversations, to the audiences who attend forums at the City Club “homes” beyond of our downtown location, community voice is always present guiding our work.

Board of Directors

The City Club’s Board of Directors reflects our community’s great commitment to freedom of speech and civil, civic dialogue. We are grateful for the expertise, leadership, and generous financial support they provide to our organization.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Kristen Baird Adams, President

Louis Chaiten, Vice President

John J. McGuire, Vice President

Alex Schmitt, Vice President

Patricia Shlonsky, Vice President

Robyn Minter Smyers, Immediate Past Pres.

Molly Walsh, Vice President

Artis A. Arnold III

April Miller Boise

Terry Brennan

Kevin Clayton

Robert Falls

Judi Feniger

Eric Fiala

Paul N. Harris

Kelly M. Jasko
Sharon Sobol Jordan

David M. Kall

Robert Littman
Shana F. Marbury

Hugh McKay

August A. Napoli, Jr.

Kaye Ridolfi

Mark Ross

Fareed Siddiq

Charles Stack

Sheila Wright

Community Partners

The City Club’s community partner program connects community organizations to City Club forums that align with their missions. Our community partners help us reach residents across Greater Cleveland to share information with and invite individuals to upcoming forums.

Meet Our Community Partners

20/30 Club
ACLU of Ohio

All Voting is Local

Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Better Health Partnership

Black Environmental Leaders

Burten Bell Carr Development, Inc.

Center for Health Affairs

Cleveland Council on World Affairs

Cleveland Documenters

Clevelanders for Public Transit

Cleveland Hillel Foundation

Cleveland Leadership Center

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

Cleveland NAACP

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

Cleveland SHRM

Cleveland Teachers Union

Cleveland Transformation Alliance

Cleveland Votes

Cleveland Water Alliance

Collaborative to End Human Trafficking

College Now Greater Cleveland

Common Cause Ohio

CSU Center for Educational Leadership

CSU Cleveland Marshall College of Law

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority

CWRU School of Law

Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization

Downtown Cleveland Alliance

East End Neighborhood House

EERS Cleveland Met Bar Assoc

Employment Collaborative NEO

Engage! Cleveland


Global Cleveland

Greater Cleveland Partnership

Greater Cleveland School Superintendents’ Association

Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

Harvard Community Services Center

HBCU Alumni Cle

Healthcare Access Worldwide

Honesty for Ohio Education

Journey Center for Safety and Healing

Lake Erie Native American Council

League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland

Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Literary Cleveland

Maltz Museum

Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University

May Dugan Center

Metro Catholic School

MOVE! Ohio


Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality

Ohio Climate Justice Fund

Ohio Environmental Council

Ohio Extemp Initiative

Ohio Transformation Fund

Philanthropy Ohio

Policy Matters Ohio

Positive Education Program

Power a Clean Future


Starting Point

Stop the Hate

Sustainable Cleveland

Teaching Cleveland

The Bail Project

The Centers Ohio

The Fund for our Economic Future

The Links Incorporated

Towards Employment

Trust for Public Land

Union Miles Development Corporation

University Circle Inc.

Ursuline Piazza

We Plan CLE

We Think 4 a Change

West Park Kamms

Young Latino Network

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

YWCA Greater Cleveland

Zonta Club of Cleveland


Public Square Forums

One of our favorite homes is in Public Square. Since 2016, we’ve been presenting a free series of forums that addresses issues facing Cleveland and its neighborhoods.

Recent Public Square forums included:


Mayoral Debates

In August 2021, The City Club of Cleveland partnered with Ideastream Public Media to host two debates with the seven candidates seeking office to be the next Mayor of Cleveland. The debates were held live at the Westfield Theater in Playhouse Square and the content was driven by questions from voters across Cleveland. Watch the first primary debate and check out the second primary debate

After the primary election in September, we returned to the Westfield Theater for the final debate between Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelly. 

During those three debates, 30 voters were able to have their voices heard as they posed questions to the candidates.

Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood

Happy Dog Series


Most months you will find us with a hot dog and beer (or root beer) in hand at Happy Dog in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland. What started as a series on world affairs has grown into a place to host forums on a wide variety of topics. 


Series forums included:

Case Western Reserve University

State of the City

In November 2021, Justin Bibb was elected to serve as the 58th mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. On April 18, 2022, the City Club was proud to host his first State of the City address at the Maltz Performing Arts Center on Case Western Reserve University’s campus. The location was especially meaningful for the mayor who is a double graduate of the university. 

Morning Star Baptist Church

Community Forum

On June 30, 2022, friends of the City Club gathered at Morning Star Baptist Church for a forum on community building movements. In partnership with the Saint Luke’s Foundation for their 25th anniversary, we were able to bring civil dialogue directly to the community.

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